Botox Dream Bank

Botox Dream Bank

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$1,275.00 USD
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$1,275.00 USD
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The Botox Dream Bank is the purchase of 100 units of Botox at a 15% discount. Once purchased, the units are credited to your account and you can use them as necessary when you come in for your Botox visits.

  • Save $225 on your Botox®! (Regular price $15 per unit)
  • Use your banked units at your future Botox® visits.
  • Save even more when you use your Brilliant Distinctions® coupons toward your purchase and continue to earn at every visit!
  • Earn 10% back on your Dream Bank purchase with our Loyalty Program.

Botox® Dream Bank is an ongoing payment option and can be repurchased. Units must be used within one year of purchase. Cannot be shared outside of a household. Brilliant Distinctions® coupons can be used and rewards will be earned for each Botox® visit. May not be combined with other offers. Some restrictions may apply. Please ask for details.

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